Sveriges mästerkock - Sveriges mästerkock - Sveriges mästerkock ken
Sveriges mästerkock - Sveriges mästerkock - Sveriges mästerkock

In 2020, we got awarded the project of visually re-branding Mästerkocken, produced by Meter Television. As a prime-time TV format with high ratings, the work aimed to rejuvenate and future-proof the format.

While staying true to the original format, we aimed to challenge the concept with insights from the contemporary culinary world. One key insight was highlighting greenery, inspired by the many eatable gardens and circular thinking we see in the food world today. Also, the storytelling aspects and the embodied work happening onstage needed a more distinct framework.

We re-designed all structures and materials to be more sustainable both in terms of use and manufacturing. The nature-inspired color palette has cornerstones in green, stone, and sunset ochre. The logo and supporting graphics are designed to be more integrated with their use, while the opening credits focus on people, their stories, the social aspects of food, and the interplay between participants.

After its launch, we saw a huge buzz in social media, as well as a jump in ratings. Overall the production was easier to manage and will set the tone for seasons to come.