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We have a long-term collaboration with the Scandinavian fashion brand ELVINE to visualize the brand, create traction, increase sales and establish ELVINE as a part of the Scandinavian future, past and present history. 
Elvine offers casual no-nonsense clothes for city wear. Combining traditional and rigorous craftsmanship with Gothenburgs unrefined street culture, Elvine creates ”sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behaviour that suits sidewalks rather than catwalks.”

Through a series of workshops, we helped Elvine forward in their identity work and communication strategy. Our steering values were: future focus, innovation, and smartness. We wanted to pay homage to Elvine's heritage in street art, highlighting background and story. Also, creating fluidity throughout all of Elvine's communication channels, beginning with improving the shop concepts to better align with Elvines identity

To incentivize focus on Elvine’s space, we needed to make day-to-day handling easier for staff by improving display and visual merchandising possibilities to showcase new products along with solutions highlighting the technical aspects of the clothing. Also, located within a department store, there was an obvious need to stand out. Given that Elvine is unable to manage staff and the time spent on sales for their products, we aimed to make customers more independent by finding new ways to guide and inform them about the products.Durable brushed steel and sheer acrylics created a futuristic yet genuine feel. Tailor-made rails and smart modular shelving systems contrasted a custom carpet with artwork as a nod to street art. Mirrors with lighting improved ambiance and depth. Style and model guides highlighting unique technical traits helped customers and staff navigate the products.

Thorough identity and strategy work with Elvine gave us a stable platform to help manifest the brand in the store concepts. Improved function and overall customer experience have led to increased sales and a better understanding and engagement with the brand. 

” We loved working with LA+B on this journey. Their technical expertise, insight and visualization of our brand has helped propel us forward in terms of strategy and in-store communication.” 
- Daniel Mänd