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BOB Squeezy is Sweden's most beloved jam. It has been locally made and packaged in Tollarp, Sweden since the 1940s. In a collaboration with Kristina DeVerdier we were brought in to vitalize the iconic BOB Squeeze bottle. The practical, easy to use and re-sealable bottle was revolutionary when it first came, with the small pout making it easy to decorate food. 

Through continuous interactions with consumers during the project, it was clear that people love the product. Therefore, our changes needed to maintain the ease of recognition. We saw an opportunity to soften the expression of the bottle, to emphasize the friendly and positive BOB look. We also needed to alter the shape to improve the stability of the production line, as bottles were falling off the conveyor belt causing several stops every hour..

The outer contour of the bottle was redesigned with a more harmonic curve. The drop-shaped label surface gives the product a more characteristic look, harmonizing with the outer contour of the bottle while also giving the bottle more rigidity. 
We redesigned the shape of the label into a softer double-drop, providing an extra space for brand elements on the top part of the label. The top surface of the cap was given an embossed treatment, emphasizing the iconic BOB “heart-leaf”.
The new bottle was also given a lowered center of gravity and supporting surfaces to make the production more efficient.

Though the update was not aesthetic, we succeeded in improving the bottle in terms of branding, communication and production while maintaining the integrity of the original bottle.