A structural creative process can be applied to anything that needs improvement, refinement or innovation. It can be applied on intellectual statements, improving an idea or business-plan, and it can be a applied on a physical space or product, improving and refining its relevance.

Paired with tools such as human centered research, semiotics and an iterative process the results can be even more powerful, like a turnkey 360-marketing program, a disruptive product or a ground-breaking innovation or experience.

Market Insights - Love for Art and Business


Being curious about the world goes a long way. Studying not only data but real people, trends and behaviors will always lead to fruitful business insights.

Workshops + Lectures Love for Art and Business


We facilitate innovation and creative ideation sessions, from preparations through workshops and refinements, providing all needed follow-up services, such as launch strategy and IP consulting.

Business Strategy - Love For Art and Business


We advise, support and create straightforward frameworks for business, brand and design strategy, based upon existing models such as lean, agile and consumer-centric design thinking.

Portfolio + Product Strategy


We assist companies in handling, streamlining and making their products or service offerings more sustainable and effective over time. This service can be paired with a consumer-centric insight phase and design strategy.

Production Strategy - Love for Art and Business


We have a vast experience in both digital and mechanical domains, from fine details to global production. Whether by enhancing an existing production line, procurement process, or implementing a digital frame-work, we can assist and build production strategy both short- and long-term.

Startups and Launches - Love for Art and Business


 We have experience working with startups and market introductions, from small projects needing a kickstart, to global companies venturing into new territories. We can help set up shop, source relevant expertise or production facilities, and create brand, design and break-in campaigns. 

Love for Art and Business
Love for Art and Business Consulting and Ideation
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Jonas Lundin - Love for Art and Business

LA+B's Jonas Lundin moderating the Design S - Swedish Design Awards seminar day themed "Designing for Change" presented by Svensk Form.