LA+B x PlayWood.IT

LA+B has partnered with PlayWood.IT to bring their Italian made connectors to Sweden!

Please contact us if you are interested in incorporating PlayWood connectors into your next project or event. The durable connectors work at any scale and offer unlimited design solutions. They easily join plywood boards which can be cut, shaped, painted and directly printed on.


•Create original structures at any scale

•Easy to transport and assemble

•No drilling required. Boards can be reused.

• 90°, 105° and 150° angles supported

• Join boards and other materials sized 16mm to19mm

•6 color options for connectors

•Reassemble structures for unlimited options

•Durable high quality plastic. Made in Italy


Contact Hannes Widoff with inquiries -

For additional product information visit: PlayWood.IT